Monday, July 9, 2012

I've Moved!

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce my exciting new project… 

Yes, I’m picking my content up and moving once again. This blog is the ongoing story of my journey into the world of media. I share my lessons in success, my experiences, travels, fashions and so much more! I’d love for you to check it out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TFI25 - People and Fashion

Renee (FORBES) in the yellow, wearing Arthur Medonca

Davic Dixon and I

Renee, Gail McInnis and I

Winner of last year's New Labels!

Shelli Oh (Canadian Deisgner), DIY 20's hair! or

Anna-Marie Mediwake, host, CBC NEWS, wearing a one-of-a-kind David Dixon! I'm in love with her cute, edgy pixie cut paired with this flowing, floral dress. Absolute perfection!

From right to left:
Karen Liebesman - Vera WAng glitter pants, Jacob tank, and Shay Lowe (local Canadian designer) earrings
Paul Leone - Bustle Jacket, ACNE Pants
Anison Slight - BCBG

Seeing the mixed prints trend moving over to mens fashion as well! Karim N. Kanji (Glenn Gould Foundation) - Clothes designed by himself

Renee (FORBES) and I

Susan Langdon (TFI) and I

TFI25 - Show Time!

Suzan Rogers
Jameson Kane

Patrick Larrivee -

Patrick Larrivee -
Patrick Larrivee

[Blak] - i
Hello David and Glenn Dixon!

Congradulations to Sid Niegum
Anastasia A - Kiss n' Tell

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What happens in Vegas... goes on my blog

As the final instillation of my four part trip I found myself in Vegas. Normally, an incubator for gambling addicts, bachelor parties, and midlife crisis's, Vegas played lively host to me for only a single night, as time was limited. To answer all the people who asked how crazy Vegas was when I returned, I respond "I'm underage, I was with my family, and I was there for only one night". Despite this, it was a great evening perusing the grand hotel lobbies, watching the lights go by then ending with a long bubble bath, mini-cupcakes and some Gossip Girl. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there where gondola rides inside the hotel itself.
Never leave home without leather pants.

Like I said. Gondola rides. In the hotel. Only in Vegas.

Waking up in Vegas (simply had to get the touristy shot)

No one Does Sexy like Victoria's Secret

I get a lot of questions asking if this is a Victoria's Secret fan site. No, it is not. However, I am deeply obsessed with the brand, especially their insanely perfect marketing team. Entering a VS store with me is like going up the Empire State Building with Ted Mosby. I have a post coming soon about exactly why the Victoria's Secret marketing strategies is just so darn good. In the mean time, enjoy this photo of my collection (in fact it's expanded since being taken)!

Making It To LA

To kick off the new year my family and I took a trip to the sunshine state of California after spending New Years with family in British Columbia. The trip included some super-lux plane tickets, a stroll down Rodeo Drive, and a disappointing visit to the Cheese Cake Factory (after following The Big Bang Theory, you really hope both Factories look the same). This made an enjoyable trip, even better knowing you were outsmarting the Canadian cold!

Flying... refined. By Air Canada.

A slightly more elegant take on airport waiting

True Blood may be harder to watch now.
Harry Potter, ands and feet (and wands!)
The Pasadena Cheese Cake Factory... nothing like Big Bang Theory. Shame.
Francisco Lachowski. Enough Said.
Strolling Rodeo Drive

Marilyn Monroe - Forever an insperation.

The iconic set, where friendships are made.

And we're off! Next stop... the desert.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

California Dreaming

Not all trips can be glamour-packed from start to finish. There still always seems to remain a few necessary evils. Driving through the California desert for two days happened to be one of them. The desert is called Death Valley, making the trip all the more daunting. How could one leave the cheerful city of LA for a dessert? Along the way, to make the best of it, we figured a few glamour shots were in order, in addition, I had the a few locals come out and greet me. It wasn't all bad at all, in fact, I even got to see the worlds tallest thermometer. 

Make love to the camera
Bad Water Basin. The lowest point in North America. Exciting.

Not all shots work out
Word of 'tourists' spread quickly, and I happily made some friends (or fans?)
Visiting old mining towns- now ghost towns
Making good use of old mining towns. This isn't a set, it's crazy!
Not bragging or anything... but I totally climbed a hill. In heels.

Actually a highlight of the road trip. Amargosa Opera House. Really interesting story behind it!

I just want to be as free as my hair

Next Stop... VEGAS!