Tuesday, February 28, 2012

California Dreaming

Not all trips can be glamour-packed from start to finish. There still always seems to remain a few necessary evils. Driving through the California desert for two days happened to be one of them. The desert is called Death Valley, making the trip all the more daunting. How could one leave the cheerful city of LA for a dessert? Along the way, to make the best of it, we figured a few glamour shots were in order, in addition, I had the a few locals come out and greet me. It wasn't all bad at all, in fact, I even got to see the worlds tallest thermometer. 

Make love to the camera
Bad Water Basin. The lowest point in North America. Exciting.

Not all shots work out
Word of 'tourists' spread quickly, and I happily made some friends (or fans?)
Visiting old mining towns- now ghost towns
Making good use of old mining towns. This isn't a set, it's crazy!
Not bragging or anything... but I totally climbed a hill. In heels.

Actually a highlight of the road trip. Amargosa Opera House. Really interesting story behind it!

I just want to be as free as my hair

Next Stop... VEGAS!

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