Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exclusive Interview!

After the Elle Canada Spring Style Lounge presentation was over, The Fashion Facet Report caught up with ELLE Canada associate fashion editor, Anthony Mitropoulos to ask him a couple of questions.

FF: I have never seen ELLE do anything like this before. Are [mall presentations] new?

Anthony: Yes it is new. This is our first time and we are testing it with this. It is a raw tour. First Lady Gaga and now ELLE!

FF: Haha! That’s great, so, how many will there be?

Anthony: We are doing four malls and multiple shows at each.

FF: I noticed Chanel wasn’t mentioned at all during the show. Would you say that their designs are becoming repeated, and not adapting to the latest trends? Or even go as far as to say they are in a rut?

Anthony: No, they change their designs slightly, and make tiny changes. It is subtle. They are different in that they don’t go over board. But in doing that, it may come off unnoticed. I love Karl Lagerfeld [head designer of Chanel]!

FF: Well Thank you so much, this has been great!

Anthony: No problem!

Anthony and I

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peter Pan-ish? Maybe? Just a Bit?

August 20th
I went with a "lost childhood spirit" theme with the photo. The outfit is mainly from Forever21. I started with the jacket, but went with a shorts and tights combo to make it less Winter-y. I layered blue tights, with fishnets.
Peace Out!
-Victoria Morton

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Graphic-Tee Spice-Up

I began with the simple concept of "How to Funk up a Graphic Tee". I get so many graphic Tee's from charity events, and clubs. I'm not a simple graphic Tee, and jeans kinda girl. So I've begun trying to find ways of making them a little more "out-there".

Headband: Forever21
Shirt: Me to We Style
Skirt: Forever 21 Twist
Shoes: Urban Planet
Braclet: Claires

I make no promises on how ethicaly made these pieces of clothing are. I bought them before I promised to only buy ethically made clothing, and only from globally responsible companies.

Peace Out!
-Victoria Morton