Saturday, December 24, 2011

Easier-than-you-think Holiday nails!

The photo's speak for themselves, so I don't think I need to write much, but one tip, MAKE SURE YOUR FIRST COLOUR IS SUPER DRY! Once you think they're dry, wait a few minutes, then place the Paper-Hole-Re-enforcer-Thing, and paint your second colour.

P.S. Sorry about the blury/bad photo's. My camera has a bad zoom.

Eco-Friendly, EASY, wrapping!

           Every year I wrap my gifts in newspaper because not only is that better for the environment, but I think it looks very vintage, and home-made; a nice break from a highly commercialized holiday season. This year I decided to go a bit further with the eco-friendliness, and creativity. Here's a point form list of what I did:

  • The bags where given to me from other gifts, and then reused.
  • Instead of tissue paper, I used newspaper scraps from wrapping the other gifts.
  • NO TAPE! There is no tape on any of these gifts. Tape is not recyclable, but paper with glue on it is fine.
  • Instead of ribbons, I used organic hemp. To make it a bit more esthetically pleasing I doubled the hemp. I just tied the ends of the hemp together, then wrapped it just like I would any ribbon.
  • The little gift-tag was a piece of recycled paper. The design was a Word Business Card template that I simply modified.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dreaming of Dior - A film by Victoria Morton

 A project for my Communications-Technology class. I must say, for a newbie to movie-making, I am pretty smug with the final project. <3 Please, take a look, leave a comment, or something. Would mean a lot to me! <3 xoxo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take 5 Minutes, and Watch

Fashion will no longer be a distraction from world issues. Things needed to change back when this was filmed. So why have they still not changed?

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Tough-Love Terminology

I’m going to let you in on a little piece of my terminology. Sorry in advance for the wavering focus of the article, my mind is all over right now. I’ll try to keep it short.

Achievable Perfection: a•chiev a•ble per•fec•tion: An approach on the idea of “perfect” that is realistically possible.

Everyone loves a good “inner beauty” campaign, especially if a beauty product company, like Dove, puts it on. Now I’m not saying I am against the idea of accepting yourself the way you are, but I am against the idea of settling on being “alright” or “okay”. So, I have been, I suppose you could say “living by” this theory I made up called Achievable Perfection. With the not-so-new movement of women being empowered, it has also brought on unspoken waves of laziness, and satisfaction with “settling”. Now let me explain myself, so I don’t sound like a horrible person. NO, I am not saying to get plastic surgery, and take up an extreme diet. I’m also not saying to pick yourself apart and judge yourself to the point of scrutiny. What I am saying is that there should always be a little drive somewhere in you pushing yourself to be better. I currently attend school, and the lack of ambition bothers me. If you are lucky enough to live in a first world country (which about 80% of my readers do), then you have opportunities thrown at you left, right and center. School is taken for granted with everyone going for a gangster-than-thou tomfoolery approach to life. Truth is; thousands of children would gladly take your place. Life is not to be wasted. Get up, and get to work.