Sunday, September 26, 2010

RevWear Interview

A large portion of fashion has become materialistic. This much is true. I love, and support fashion, but even I can admit to that. So what if we cut out that “buy more and buy new” mind-set? You turn fashion into this wonderfully artistic contribution to the world. That is what RevWear is all about; creating fashion out of reused fabric and other recycled materials. RevWear by Revolution Wear is not only changing a bit of clothing, they are revolutionizing the entire world of fashion. From creating a less materialistic and more eco-friendly world, right down to helping the world realise that models are more than just subjects, but are indeed performers. We where lucky enought to get an interview with co-creator, Sapphire Singh.

VM: What are the qualifications to submit clothing into the shows?
RW: RevWear designers have been everything from self-taught fashion artists to 4th year Engineer students who had never picked up a needle and thread in their life. The most important requirement is dedication and passion. We also require that your submission be created from second hand, reused, or salvaged materials. Designers generally submit an informal proposal with their design(s) ideas by the end of October so we have plenty of time to provide feedback, offer support and make sure that the design(s) are ready for the annual show.

VM: When are the shows?
RW:The annual show takes place every year near the end of February or start of March. The 2011 date will be announced before the end of October.

VM: What exactly is your role in RevWear?
RW: I am the RevWear Co-creator that has stuck with the project since its first year back in 2004. My co-creator best buds still dabble in designing and other parts of the production, but I generally take care of the Public Relations (media, promotions, etc.), Event Logistics and submit a piece or two in the show. I am also involved with the education side of RevWear.

VM: Do the designers model their own clothes?
RW: It is up to the designer if they want to model their own piece, provide a model or let us match their designs up with a performer. We have no body type requirement for our models. We do however insist on personality. We prefer to call them performers rather then models to distance ourselves from the stereotype fashion show or event.

VM: Do you have any advice to those who want to start making their own clothes?
RW: Keep doing it. I hear far too often from people that say, "I used to sew..." or "my mom used to sew, but I never tried...". You have to do something, be active in it, to make it real and make it part of you. I would also suggest that you find allies. Seek out others, peers or otherwise, that are doing something similar to you. This group might look like an informal collective or end up being a sewing circle. Finally, be your own model. Wear what you make, and if it is more art then street wear, then share it any way you can. People won't know what you are capable of, if you hide your art away.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Day 2010!!

Toronto, are you ready!?
WE DAY is almost here! In less than 48 hours, Free the Children as well as 18,000 youth and educators and 700 volunteers (including me!) will pack the ACC, to be inspired into action. This year we're bringing acts like K'naan, cast of Degrassi and The Buried Life, as well as Hedley! If you can't make it in person, CTV is covering the entire day and broadcasting it live (see it HERE tomorrow). I'll give you all a full report once I get back!

This is how pumped I am, decked out in my crowd pumping volunteer swag:
Peace Out!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fancy Me!

I am just going to share an experience I had today, with all of you.
I enjoy dressing up, and I especially enjoy faking rich. So I was at Yorkdale Mall today, looking a tad more expensive than most fellow shoppers. But the trick is, it was very possible that I spend less on my clothing than they had! So I digress. I did the regular route that included the regular stores, such as American Apparel. Then, just for kicks, I walked in to a high class store. This particular one was Louis Vuitton, but the racks dropped many other big names as Prada and Nicole Miller. These stores get about 95% window shoppers and 4% guilty splurges (who really didn’t have the money) or the savers (who had saved for months for a pair of socks). The last one percent was what I was mistaken for. The last 1% was saved for the most elite shoppers. They were the lucky ones who shopped there on a casual Saturday afternoon for the following week’s classy dinners and press conferences. Yes, I was seen as one of them. I know I was because I had multiple staff acting as though I was the only one in the room and asking me if I needed anything. Whilst I got the attention they were giving nothing more than a simple greeting to the, apparently less fortunate, other 99% of people.
I made my way over to the beauty section. I looked for Channel no.5; because that is the only one I really knew anything about. But very quickly I was whisked away to “the new Burberrys scent that was all the rage”. Normally they have a pile of those little paper sticks by the bottle, or maybe a sales clerk handing them out. But that would not do for the elite. No, I had an Italian-looking man take me around the store. He picked out the new Burberry scent, and sprayed twice on two different specific places on my right arm. Then he took those paper sticks and wafted the scent around for about a minute, maybe more. I really don’t know. He went through the ingredients, and explained how each one was judiciously planned to create the scene that “you now smell, before you”. It did smell good; really good. In fact, it was so good, that I continued to sniff it for the next three hours or so. But before that could happen he told me the prices. Around $80 for the small one, but the regular size was about $130. I replied saying “ Woops, I forgot my credit cards at home, and only have about $70 on me, but I’ll be sure to drop by next week or so!”. Then I briskly walked left, but don’t you worry, I’ll be back into the high life in a few years!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Senior Style!

As I was blog surfing and I came across a blog thats primary focus was senior citizens with wacky and out-there style! Personally I love seeing a granny wearing neon, maybe even more than I love seeing old people holding hands! Also, it is in no way disrespecting the people, which I also love. They genuinely are saluting the senior with style. But anyways, you should seriously check it out. I don't have much to say or type about it, because it's pretty self-explanatory. So here is the link:

Advanced Style

Peace Out!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Clothing Show

      This weekend I headed to Toronto for The Clothing Show. This show put on twice a year and features clothing lines that are ecofriendly, or made from recycled materials, or have something funky or unusual about them. In other words, it is a gathering of fashion lovers who enjoy clothing that is less than common. In the main section of the show were booths which included vintage, recycled, eco-friendly and sample clothing. In another section, the fashion shows happened.

Here are my favourite pieces and/or highlights of the shows:

Front Row? Oh, yes! Here we see the media lining up, and getting ready.
This is possibly my favorite outfit from all the shows. In fact, I may try to recreate it in a later post.
First of all, this model was absolutly stunning! Second, this is a dress that can be turned into a gazillion different dresses! It's called Henkaa. I have a dress similar, but does not compare. This dress just has unlimited options. So I really recomend checking it out, because it's like 100 dresses for the price of one. Here is the link.
In the "not-so-cool" section, we have this Alexander McQueen (RIP) cheap knock-off. Check out his Spring 2010 collection(his last collection before commiting suicide) .
It may be a tad hard to see, but this line is made 100% from recycled sweaters, and other clothing. Pretty neat, the things you can do with your old clothing.
The line that stood out the most was The Fairies Pyjamas. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the manager after the show, and it will be up soon! The opening model for the line immediately shocked the crowed a bit, because she was plus-sized.This is something not usually seen in fashion shows, unless it's a specialty show. Then to continue, she posed in some less-than-common ways. Most of their poses had a bit of spirituality to them, as well as a little bit of mythical flirting.
To finish the show, a very talented hoola-Hooper (I suppose that would be her title) came out to do a five minute, or so, show.
It wasn't just models sporting wacky and wonderful fashions, the event goers earned some limelight as well! There comes a time when you need to push what's "in" aside, and go with your personal style. That doesn't mean dressing like this everyday, but letting your true self out every so often, can be a good thing. I found this women in the vintage section (surprise?). She may be seen as a DON'T on some days, and in some places, but here and now it's a DO!