Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The LOVE Thing

Just thought that such an amazing video needed to be discussed.

WARNING: Partial nudity, but nothing most people can't handle.

I love the glamour and perfection in it. I also love how they show a little bit of a range of perfection. Now, instead of saying blonde hair is perfect, we being open to every ones look. Hmm, this a good sign. Maybe, just maybe, everyone will be seen as beautiful and perfect. Don't we live in the most open world? People can be what ever skin, whatever gender, whatever sexual orientation and still be accepted. I love it!

And yet, part of me feels that I will miss the impossible aspiration of fighting for perfection. The allure of the glossies intrigues me. I know there is Photoshop involved and I know they have the top hairdressers, stylists, and make-up artist in the business helping the models. But I can’t help but want to be like them. No one can. Perfection sells as much as sex does. It may suck for those that are “big boned”, but would a magazine with a real girl, I’m talking cellulite, roles, acne, and frizzy hair, be able to sell anything? I don’t want to sound mean, girls of all shapes and sizes are great, and it’s good to see everyone empowered. But I just don’t think that the fight for perfection, that is fed by the media, will ever leave even if our idea of perfection changes.

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