Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Angels Have Spoken

This Thursday a brand-spanking-new Victoria’s Secret opened in my local mall. As per tradition, the store was opened by a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and out of all the girls they could have sent, they sent my personal favourite, South African bombshell Candice Swanepoel! During the meet and greet portion of the grand opening I got just over a minute to talk with her (the amount of time it took her to sign “Victoria, Lots of love, Candice”;). First of all, might I just say; she is as perfect in real life as she is in photos. Honestly, who looks like that? Anyways, here is the basic dialog of my short, but wonderful, conversation with Ms. Swanepoel:


Victoria: HI! I was just wondering, what is your best beauty secret? Or like, tip?

Candice: Hmmm, I guess I’d say, clean your face really well, like even when I was younger, I’d always wash my face before bed. Never go to bed with make-up on. Oh! And moisturize head-to-toe.

Victoria: Thanks so much! Happy Birthday by the way [that day happened to be her 23rd birthday] what are you doing to celebrate?

Candice: Just hanging out at home I think, I fly back [to New York] tonight, and then I’ll party this weekend, like Friday, and Saturday, ha-ha!

Well you heard the woman! This beauty advice straight from lips of an angel must be followed!
-Victoria Gallagher-Morton

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