Sunday, September 26, 2010

RevWear Interview

A large portion of fashion has become materialistic. This much is true. I love, and support fashion, but even I can admit to that. So what if we cut out that “buy more and buy new” mind-set? You turn fashion into this wonderfully artistic contribution to the world. That is what RevWear is all about; creating fashion out of reused fabric and other recycled materials. RevWear by Revolution Wear is not only changing a bit of clothing, they are revolutionizing the entire world of fashion. From creating a less materialistic and more eco-friendly world, right down to helping the world realise that models are more than just subjects, but are indeed performers. We where lucky enought to get an interview with co-creator, Sapphire Singh.

VM: What are the qualifications to submit clothing into the shows?
RW: RevWear designers have been everything from self-taught fashion artists to 4th year Engineer students who had never picked up a needle and thread in their life. The most important requirement is dedication and passion. We also require that your submission be created from second hand, reused, or salvaged materials. Designers generally submit an informal proposal with their design(s) ideas by the end of October so we have plenty of time to provide feedback, offer support and make sure that the design(s) are ready for the annual show.

VM: When are the shows?
RW:The annual show takes place every year near the end of February or start of March. The 2011 date will be announced before the end of October.

VM: What exactly is your role in RevWear?
RW: I am the RevWear Co-creator that has stuck with the project since its first year back in 2004. My co-creator best buds still dabble in designing and other parts of the production, but I generally take care of the Public Relations (media, promotions, etc.), Event Logistics and submit a piece or two in the show. I am also involved with the education side of RevWear.

VM: Do the designers model their own clothes?
RW: It is up to the designer if they want to model their own piece, provide a model or let us match their designs up with a performer. We have no body type requirement for our models. We do however insist on personality. We prefer to call them performers rather then models to distance ourselves from the stereotype fashion show or event.

VM: Do you have any advice to those who want to start making their own clothes?
RW: Keep doing it. I hear far too often from people that say, "I used to sew..." or "my mom used to sew, but I never tried...". You have to do something, be active in it, to make it real and make it part of you. I would also suggest that you find allies. Seek out others, peers or otherwise, that are doing something similar to you. This group might look like an informal collective or end up being a sewing circle. Finally, be your own model. Wear what you make, and if it is more art then street wear, then share it any way you can. People won't know what you are capable of, if you hide your art away.

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