Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fancy Me!

I am just going to share an experience I had today, with all of you.
I enjoy dressing up, and I especially enjoy faking rich. So I was at Yorkdale Mall today, looking a tad more expensive than most fellow shoppers. But the trick is, it was very possible that I spend less on my clothing than they had! So I digress. I did the regular route that included the regular stores, such as American Apparel. Then, just for kicks, I walked in to a high class store. This particular one was Louis Vuitton, but the racks dropped many other big names as Prada and Nicole Miller. These stores get about 95% window shoppers and 4% guilty splurges (who really didn’t have the money) or the savers (who had saved for months for a pair of socks). The last one percent was what I was mistaken for. The last 1% was saved for the most elite shoppers. They were the lucky ones who shopped there on a casual Saturday afternoon for the following week’s classy dinners and press conferences. Yes, I was seen as one of them. I know I was because I had multiple staff acting as though I was the only one in the room and asking me if I needed anything. Whilst I got the attention they were giving nothing more than a simple greeting to the, apparently less fortunate, other 99% of people.
I made my way over to the beauty section. I looked for Channel no.5; because that is the only one I really knew anything about. But very quickly I was whisked away to “the new Burberrys scent that was all the rage”. Normally they have a pile of those little paper sticks by the bottle, or maybe a sales clerk handing them out. But that would not do for the elite. No, I had an Italian-looking man take me around the store. He picked out the new Burberry scent, and sprayed twice on two different specific places on my right arm. Then he took those paper sticks and wafted the scent around for about a minute, maybe more. I really don’t know. He went through the ingredients, and explained how each one was judiciously planned to create the scene that “you now smell, before you”. It did smell good; really good. In fact, it was so good, that I continued to sniff it for the next three hours or so. But before that could happen he told me the prices. Around $80 for the small one, but the regular size was about $130. I replied saying “ Woops, I forgot my credit cards at home, and only have about $70 on me, but I’ll be sure to drop by next week or so!”. Then I briskly walked left, but don’t you worry, I’ll be back into the high life in a few years!

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