Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprising Do's and Disappointing Don'ts

Despite the questionable responses given by various other fashion media outlets, I full-heartedly approve of the Fanning Sisters choice of attire for New York Fashion Week. I am a little concerned about 'high-fashion' becoming a synonym for 'costume', but I still encourage people to take risks- I mean- there are only so many times I can compliment a girl on her choice of classic LBD. In my opinion, the two outfits were age-appropriate, interesting, and yes, fashionable. Elle Fanning (pictured left) really took the spotlight here which was a nice change to the huge shadow of her older sister's fame.

        However, Anna Wintour was spotted in *gasp* sensible shoes at Carolina Herrera's Fashion Week presentation. Yes, Fashion Week is a lot of standing, and long days, but the reining Queen of fashion magazines owes it to her public to never have a moment of weakness. The equally ‘sensible’ dress (although cleverly hidden by a funky pattern) just puts her in fashion week shame. Don’t worry, Anna, we’ll let you redeem yourself when you come visit us in Canada for Toronto Fashion Week!

We’ve come to expect ‘costumes’ from Nicki Minaj, and Fashion Week was no exception. This high-fashion-wanna-be is just getting ridiculous. Sorry, but Gaga’s done that (and done that much better), you’ll have to find some other way to stand out among the world’s most fashionable.

Photo’s by Mike Coppola/ - September 12, 2011

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