Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bata Shoe Museum Charity Fashion Show

Small but filled with passion. That’s how I would describe the Bata Shoe Museum Charity Fashion Show, hosted by Designed to Give, which benefited The Canadian Cancer Society. You could tell that the designers love what they do and truly cared. Now, one of my favorite things to do at fashion shows, is to people watch! This show was a prime example of the pure awesomeness of fashion show goers. Fashion events may be the only time you'll see more than two boys in a row with an ounce of fashion sense. Moving on to the evening's stars, the models. They had a huge obstacle in their performance because the runway consisted of mainly a staircase which they had to maneuver in 5-inch heels. But they did their best, and there were no sad tumbles. Although they had this disadvantage, I did think that some of them could have given a bit more professionalism once they were at the bottom, as I saw a lot of fidgeting with clothing. Before the show, complimentary food was available, as well as beverages at a fair price. Everyone was in high spirits as the show began, and continued throughout the night. The designs were interesting, and reflected each designer’s character and individuality well. The night was a success, with many new designers with great potential! One designer, Naz S, stood out however. The designs were so original, well-made and creative. All the dresses were pure white, giving them a classic and elegant twist. The design was in the silhouette, shape and texture. The thought and work that went into the dresses showed greatly! I really hope to see more creations from Naz S in the future! Also, CJN Designs where rather impressive as well! It was a wonderful night for a wonderful cause!

Here are some note-worthy models. Sorry about the bad image quality, we have a new camera coming soon!

Here we see Briana Leal, a first time to the runway at 15, doing a great job!

Caitlin Alexander, a highly experienced model, works the runway once again while wearing an incredible design by CJN Designs

Here is a list of all the designers:

Chris Nevin - CJN Designs

Joshua Shier - youth.inAsia

Lexi Carter & Michelle Pizzitelli - Cartelli

Naz S - Naz S

Jacqui Plonka - Jacqui

Designed to Give

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