Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ELLE Canada Style Lounge

Upper Canada Mall has long been my favorite place for all the obvious reasons, but now I have an excuse to hang around even more! When they are not doing events with the Easter Bunny or Santa, they manage to fit in amazing events such as the ELLE Canada Spring Style Lounge. The event was sponsored by Fuze, Blackberry, and H&M (all of which I have a total love affair with, coincidence?).

On the agenda was Fuze asking for a small donation for a free sample. I loved the drink, although the aspertame taste was very present. But for 15-25 calories, I'm willing to conpramise taste a little! Next I headed over to visit the H&M closet which was stalked full with the latest fashions from not only H&M, but forever21 (could this day get any better!?). There I picked out a Forever21 jacket and had my picture taken with a Blackberry phone. The photo was sent to twitter, and there I have the chance to win amazing prizes (hello, free Blackberry!).

And now the show was about to begin. The star attraction was the one and only, ELLE Canada associate fashion editor, Anthony Mitropoulos! He had gone to the four fashion capitals (London, New York, Paris, Milan) and has brought back a trend report on what he saw. Presented in the form of a well done Power Point, Anthony did a terrific job talking about whats hot. There where amazing examples from tons of amazing designers. After the show Fashion Facet caught up with Anthony for an exclusive interview (coming soon).

All in all, it was a great event...and guess what! There are more to come. Below is a list of the future tour dates and locations!

May 5-9
Upper Canada Mall,
Newmarket, ON

May 12-16
Oakville Place,
Oakville, ON

May 19-23
Mapleview Shopping Centre,
Burlington, ON

May 24-30
Vaughan Mills,
Vaughan, ON

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