Friday, December 4, 2009

Less Perfect, More Perfect?

      Think about a model, what do you see? I see a fresh manicured, Chanel head-to-toe (latest season, of coarse!), size 00, pefect teeth and skin, you get the point. But is that changing? Natural beauty has been seen on more and more Magazine covers and runways.

    These days you are constantly seeing celebraties confessing to imperfections, coming out and saying that they are wearing spanx head to toe. You are also seeing a lot of Beauty companies such as Dove telling girls that they have inner beauty. So after all that, are Magazines and Runways finally taking notice? Here is my evidence, Exibite A; One of the latest issues of Vogue, there is a model with gap-teeth on the cover, and there was no attempt to hide them what-so-ever. Although I’m thinking it could have been an artistic tribute to the famously gap-toothed Pop Queen Madonna. Exibite B; Lola by Marc Jacobs features a less than typical model on there print ad. This girl has dull, messy hair, and little make-up. The face isn't the only thing we are letting show for it's true self. Boho, hippie, flowing dresses and ruffles are only to name a few of the recent styles to hit us with a wave of natrulness.
    So is this the start of something? I think so, although I still believe models are still under weight, and coloured people are still under representated. But I do believe change is here, and here to stay. Having said that, I'm not one to just take a trend or style and just accept it. I want to know why that trend is, what it is.
     So what changed? Or what has evolved? What has made fashion experts alow "normal" or "natural" be alowd in the spotlight? My take on it, is that with all the media, and technology with us, and being nailed at us, we are looking for a way out. Let me expand on that. We are in a day and age where information is being yelled at us from every which way. I'm talking billboards, gossip, magazines, TV, Radio, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Fashion Blogs like The Fashion Facet Report, and so many more! Also we are never alone we are covered in cellphones, pagers, iPods, headpieces, 20 function watches, gadgets that now do EVERYTHING, shall I continue? So under all that, like I said, we are looking for a way out, we are looking for a way to be ourselves again, we are looing for a way to be natural. To do that, we can't take all that stuff off, we can't shut it all out, unless you plan to move to Nunavut and live with the Innuite, you can never get out of this never ending movement of lifestyle, that we call "today". Therefor, we turn to a form of self-expression we have turned to so many times befor, in times of confusion and frustration, and that is, and always will be, fashion.

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